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Touch the Sky

Book for an amazing kite flying experience for your self, friends, family and collegues!

Private Kite Flying Tidekite


the Sky

Small group Private Kite Flying

@TIDEKITE we have the most amazing kites collection, single, dual and quad lines, 2D, 3D and all sizes including 40 meters long and original TIDEKITE, for all levels and age groups. Join us and learn more about various kites and cultures around the world!

Kite flying is very beneficial to us! It is fun and great for your physical and mental health. Flying kites helps strengthen the eyes, opens the neck, particularly for those who spend a lot of time on the computer or sitting, it reduces stress and is a great opportunity to socialize and enjoy nature! Also, many professional kite flyers compete at world championships bringing this sport also indoors.

The fees below are only for South West Nova Scotia and an additional $150 will be charged for kite flying locations out of South West Nova Scotia. A minimum of 10 kites for the kite flying experience will be available for you to try.

Pricing 1.5 hours: $150 for 1 person/ $250 for 2 adults/ $80 per person for 16-24 yrs old/ $40 per person under 15yrs old

- You will try a minimum of 10 various kites during the 1.5 hours.
- We offer kite flying experiences anywhere in NS, however the standard fee is for South West Nova Scotia and an additional $150 will be added if location chosen out of South West Area.
- Please, contact us 24 hours in advance of the kite flying experience
- $100 deposit will be required after confirmation of the information in the form below
- If reservation is cancelled, due to weather or other reasons, you will receive 100% of your deposit.

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