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@ Tidekite we conduct our activities on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq,

which is covered by the Treaties of Peace and Friendship. We are all Treaty People.

Nova Scotia, Canada



Tidekite is a brand created by an entrepreneur couple in Clare, Nova Scotia, experts in rural creative economy, services and products, who have a combined 34 years experience with civil society, public and private sector in international cultural, heritage and tourism management specializing in research, creative economy and policy development, event management, methodology, consultancy, etc. Did you know that you can communicate with us in 5 languages?!

TIDEKITE brand was created in April 2017 and began its first free community event at low tide on Sunday, June 24, 2017 in Belliveau Cove, Clare, Nova Scotia. Since then it has organized over 100 awesome free kite flying events, mainly but not only on Sundays, during low tide, on the beaches of Nova Scotia, Canada's Ocean Playground! Our experiences are inclusive to all ages, abilities and culture backgrounds.

TIDEKITE is also a signature for kite flying event at low tide and kite making in Nova Scotia, Canada.



What Our Fans Say

Oh my god, my 12 year old and I had the best time landsailing tonight ! Instructors were very friendly and patient while learning the blowkarts. We’re definitely going to do again! Highly recommend and hope they succeed and can expand to get into membership/season pass and regattas.

Heather F.

What an exhilarating and memorable evening were experienced at Mavillette beach! The owners of ReWind adventures explained and patiently coached us how to maneuver and sail the blokarts. SO MUCH FUN!!! It restored the “child” in me … Sailing across the majestic beach viewing the sun setting behind Cape St. Mary!

Linda B.

I drove that kart yesterday on Mavillette beach.. so exhilarating and super fun for a 76 years old papa as me. I wished to have more wind to get more speed… Next time I’ll drive it in a real windy day. It has been a fantastic sensation already. I say to all my friends seniors still a little bit in form, come and try it. You will find one of the best feeling you had in sport since a long time and for the best part. It is very safe!

Alain-Philippe A.

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