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Family Fun Day @ MARC

🇨🇦 What a beautiful day with beautiful people :)

🇫🇷 Quelle belle journée avec de belles personnes :)

🇨🇴 Qué día más bonito con gente tan guapa :)

🇩🇪 Was für ein schöner tag mit schönen menschen :)

🇰🇷 아름다운 사람들과 함께한 아름다운 하루

@ MARC Dayspring on May 20, International Family Day :) Kudos to Municipality of the District of Lunenburg - MODL & District of Lunenburg Recreation, Parks and Tourism staff, organizers and volunteers for supporting communities in making beautiful memories! Tidekite began it's 1st kite flying event, 7 years ago, with the birth of a new family, and we love to PLAY II ReWIND with all the diverse communities! Cheers to new friends, family and everyone that came from Halifax and other parts of the world!


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